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Round Architecture

Value and Benefits ultimately represents cash - investment opportunities you need to capture

Realise Program Benefits

Focusing on benefits realization makes the purpose of projects and initiatives very clear for everyone

"During the transformation of our PMO we quickly realized that a PMO needs to be built with the purpose of realizing the benefits at the end of the project implementation - before we realized we mostly focused on controlling the implementataion phase, because this represented the largest investment and cash spend - PMO is not delivering its full value if it does not focus on bringing in the benefits of the initiative"

Senior Manager PMO - Industrial Manufacturing Company

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Case Example:


Supplier Collaboration Automation
Global Manufacturing Organization

Supporting a large global manufacturer of water utility solutions, our supply chain experts have identified value of transforming the transactions between suppliers and a global organization from manual to automated - the case represents a net present value of more than 27 mio DKK in yearly cost of labour savings when fully implemented.

Case Example:


Enabling Transparency and Control
Large International Retailer

Collaborating with a large international retailer, our enterprise architects have identified and documented operating inventory benefits with a net present value of more than 200 mio DKK from implementing a new SaaS solution in a central forecast and replenishment process.

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Case Example:


Transforming Collaboration Structure
International Electronics Manufacturer

Helping a leading manufacturing organization within sports and leisure electronics, our lean and agile experts identified and documented improvements of new product time to market reductions of 60%, enabling faster value creation and sustained growth of more than 40 mio DKK over 3 years

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Case Example:


Transforming Products to Services

Leading PM/PPM Software Organization

Together with a leading ERP Software organization, our commercial strategy experts have identified and documented the value of transforming the commercial model from On-Premise to SaaS creating value with a 5 year net present value of 35 mio DKK.

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