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The Value of Certifications in Niche Companies

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Big consulting companies brand and image is perceived as a sign that the advise and services they provide, are of a consistently high quality.

In niche companies and on individual level, certifications are used in the same way; to endorse and certify the quality of knowledge and skills and thus the quality of the advise and services provided.

This is why i'm really happy to share, that I passed the IPMA-A Program Director certification last Friday afternoon.

Not only did my summer vacation just start, but I was also able to finally reach the point, where the many hours spent preparing for the assessment, paid off big time, so Friday was celebration day.

My certification verifies, that I have the necessary knowledge, skills, management and leadership tools to navigate and lead very complex, global programs.

So if you are working with very complex programs and need help to sort out issues, need support in gaining control or want to build governance to steer your program safely through, please reach out and connect.

I will be happy to help and guide you on your certification considerations, and off course also to support your programs and projects.

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