Scope creep, delays or overspend?

Project Recovery Management


Turn around your challenged projects and programs with a Project Recovery Plan

"after only 6 weeks of project recovery management our 100 mio DKK program was back on plan, scope and budget - an amazing change and accomplishment by LINNFOSS senior consultants"
Senior Director - large multinational manufacturing company

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Portfolio, Program and Project Management Professionals

We help Management Create Value and Capture Benefits within Portfolio, Projects and Program Management across a wide range of applications, departments, functions and industries

Deep insights and hands on experience within Commercial Excellence, Operational Excellence, Strategy Management and Execution and PMO organization and - Management

Distinct knowledge across a broad range of industries including: Retail, Defense, Aerospace, Electronics, FMCG, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Food and Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Renewables, Power Generation, Municipality Government, Hospital Management, Traffic Management and Arts+Cultural Event

Project Management as focus

Business Benefits as

Value creation driver

Based on involvement in and management of numerous programs and projects across multiple disciplines of business management our senior consultants have the knowkledge, skills and experience to drive a wide range of value creating initiatives


Our acceleration and excellence approach to project management is a strong enabler to suceed with the initiatives that we own and drive for our clients



Creating Value by
Aligning Customers and Solutions

Growing your business is a central and vital part of your strategy and goals - our commercial product experts can help you identify untapped value within your product portfolios and assist you in aligning product road maps with market and customer profiles thus enabling you to create and capture higher levels of value from your product development and marketing and sales efforts - by exercising a rigorous and fact driven approach to this value area, you secure full return on investment



Creating Value by
Aligning Resources and Processes

An on-going need for transforming your operations and ressource consumption with the goals of increased sustainability, environmentally supportive and economically healthy, our supply chain and manufacturing experts interacts with your team to create transformational road maps supporting a continuous capture of process savings, reduction of processing time and increase processing quality thus funding a continuous journey of excellence in operations and ressource spending

See Examples here


Creating Value by
Aligning Talent and Strategy

To execute your organizations preferred strategies and strategic action plans, our talent development experts assist you in assessing and aligning your goals and your talent - you need the right people for the challenging modern business environment - talent that needs to be acquired, nurtured and developed to sustain your strategic ambitions - only by having the right talent for your most demanding efforts, you can mange risk and realize the value that you have set out to capture in your strategy

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