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Scope creep, delays or overspend?

Program Recovery Management


Turn around your challenged projects and programs with a Project Recovery Plan

"after only 6 weeks of project recovery management our 100 mio DKK program was back on plan, scope and budget - an amazing change and accomplishment by LINNFOSS senior consultants"
Senior Director - large multinational manufacturing company

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Portfolio, Program and Project Management

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We help global enterprises manage large scale transition and transformation programs, by adding world class people, processes and programs - we provide a program management layer of expertise to secure progress, control and transparency and at the same time realising the planned program goals and benefits

Decade long experience within HR, ITC and Supply Chain program management combined with a proven management approach helps our clients realise complex strategic initiatives with reduced risk and cost while at the same time providing transparency and control to steering committees and sponsors. 

Distinct knowledge across a broad range of industries including: Retail, Defense, Aerospace, Electronics, FMCG, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Food and Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Renewables, Power Generation, Municipality Government, Hospital Management, Traffic Management and Arts+Cultural Event

Getting it right requires command of People, Practice and Programs:

Insights and Tools

Look into some of the aspects of successful program management

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Program Benefits Management


Best Practice Value and Benefits Realization of Programs and Projects
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Program Change Management


People Do Not Resist Change: Understanding the Real Causes When Your Project Meets Human Resistance

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Transformation Readiness Training


Readiness training requires careful impact management to keep operational performance

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Program Organization and Staffing


How to organise global programs and keep all teams engaged across continents and time zones

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Transition and Transformation


Best Practice Transition and Transformation people, processes and tools for managing global programs

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Senior Program Executives

Managing Programs and Projects successfully demands Experience, Skills and Knowledge

Project management is a discipline that most enterprises manage with some degree of success. Typically the average project manager is considered a coordinator managing tasks and reporting progress.


For global programs, this approach is not nearly sufficient, as several cross project aspects need to be managed, to successfully orchestrate the completion of the full program scope and related benefits.


LINNFOSS Senior Program Executives have the skills, experience and knowledge to handle all aspects of global programs efficiently and effectively along with quality stakeholder management and world class leadership skills. 

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World Class Governance

Controlling and Transparency in Program Management demands repeatable and robust processes

Sufficient command and control of more than 50 key aspects of  Program Management is necessary to keep up progress and benefits realization across large complex landscapes.


A number of key processes are needed to handle these aspects in a transparent and efficient way. LINNFOSS has developed Program Management Processes through a large number of global programs across diverse industries.


Working with LINNFOSS gives your enterprise access to world class best practices within program management and provides your organization with the necessary means to deliver on time, scope and budget.

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Program Management Software

Automation and Standardization of best practices by Enterprise grade Program Management Software

What organized Project Management standardization and training organizations have preached for decades is implemented in a lean and effective program management software suite at LINNFOSS.


The seamless integration of governance, processes, templates and people allows our Senior Program Executives to drive programs at high efficiency and low time consumption.


Quality and transparency is provided through integration of client workforce in the program management environment and training within best practice program management processes and governance builds maturity and confidence in the extended team.

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